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Stuffed Pepper Stew Okay, as the picture kinda hints, I simmered this a bit longer than I should have in order to call this a stew, but it was still damn tasty an easy to make. All the tastes of a stuffed pepper with about half the effort. Ingredients: 3 cups cooked brown… Mike 03/05/12 0
Pork and pozole stew So last night was shitty.  My 45 mile, almost entirely Interstate commute took about 2 hours. Pretty much what I expected after leaving the movie theater at 9:00 and walking into sleet/freezing rain but what really chapped my ass were the people following me on the state highway after I… Mike 01/22/12 0
Pork & chile stew I found this recipe while cruising through Kitchen Daily the other day. It was part of a slideshow featuring comforting soups and stews for autumn. It sounded tasty and combined with the stage three Dukan-friendly ingredients and the fact that every ingredient but the poblano is a pantry staple makes… Mike 11/19/11 0
Pork & chile stew I found this recipe while cruising through Kitchen Daily the other day. It was part of a slideshow featuring comforting soups and stews for autumn. It sounded tasty and combined with the stage three Dukan-friendly ingredients and the fact that every ingredient but the poblano is a pantry staple makes… Mike 11/19/11 0
Corned Beef Tacos I know, I know.It doesn’t sound like the most appetizing of recipes, not is it very healthy, but it’s surprisingly good and easy to prepare,assuming you can find canned corned beef in your local Foodomat.  I’ve been looking for it for the better part of a year and finally found… Mike 11/04/11 0
Nutella chocolate chip cookes So Nutella.  Is there anything that this miraculous substance can’t make better?  Bacon, perhaps, but that’s only because it doesn’t firm up enough to be able to make Nutella coated bacon bars. Anyway, I finally found a recipe for them and not only does it have Nutella in it, but… Mike 10/26/11 1 06/30/13
Hooray for the Messrs T Congratulations to Mister P and Other Mr P on their marriage. best wishes, gents! Mike 10/16/11 0
Curried chicken stew So My friend Andrea gave me this recipe and now that it’s getting to be chillier out, this had to be on the menu. Unfortunately for me, my sump pump #2 decided to be a total bitch during my prep work. Fifty dollars, one trip to Menard’s (I know!  No… Mike 10/15/11 0
Welcome to the family We at Nergens are happy to announce the addition of Bart to the kitchen staff here. Bart has bravely stepped up to attempt to fill the void created by the untimely demise of the late, lamented Mr Choppy, a long-time staff member who’s service had almost made him a member… Mike 10/12/11 4 11/14/11
Mr Choppy, we hardly knew ye It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Mr Choppy, resident of The Kitchen, Nergens. He died as he lived, creating tasty food--in this case, delicious home made sausage--when his mighty Blades of Bad-Assedness broke apart. He is survived by his nephew, Little Oscar who will try… Mike 10/06/11 2 10/06/11
Andouille Sausage pobrecitos So a few weeks ago when I was in the C-bus I noticed the sad state of Mom’s fridge and took her shopping at the local Kro-ghetto (Mom refuses to shop at the Grocery Ranch™ since I was shit-canned). As luck would have it, they were sampling Aidell’s sausages and… Mike 10/03/11 5 10/03/11
Rotini with tuna and mustard This is a crazy easy dish to make and tastes pretty damn fine for having so few ingredients.The only oddball thing is that you will need to search out some tuna packed in oil. Ingredients 1 12 ox box whole-wheat rotini or penne 2 cans oil-packed tuna 2 Tbs whole… Mike 09/15/11 0
Sriracha-soy roasted chicken thighs and vegetables since being funemployed I’ve had a lot more time on my hands which I normally would have filled by cooking but until yesterday it was too damn hot and the diet I’ve been on didn’t allow for much playing with my food. Since it was cold, cloudy and rainy, today… Mike 09/07/11 0
Stuffed Zucchini So in a pleasant series of events, my sister gave me some produce from her garden, including a nice, but not huge zucchini at about the same time that Andrea over at Food Embrace posted a recipe for vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini.  Her recipe was scaled for a monster zucchini and… Mike 08/04/11 1 06/30/13
Sriracha Fried rice with Spam Oh stop it.  Spam isn’t nearly as disgusting as you think it is though I’ll admit that its not something I immediately think of putting into fried rice.  After it’s browned up though, it’s surprisingly good.  This comes from The Sriracha Cookbook and is really freakin’ good and spicy, but… Mike 04/21/11 1 06/29/13
Harira There’s about a billion variations on this recipe out there but I love the simple nature of a post-fast soup. This is traditionally made with lamb, but a few more garbanzos and vegetable broth makes it an outstanding vegetarian stew. 2 Tbs unsalted butter 1 tsp red pepper flakes or… Mike 03/03/11 1 06/22/11
Kalderata I found this Filipino-inspired recipe on Serious Eats a while back and for something so simple, it’s surprisingly tasty, forgiving of substitutions (I made several, noted below) and as such probably won’t require any special trips to the store. Ingredients 2 lbs Beef eye of round or Round steak cut… Mike 02/14/11 0
Potsticker Soup I’ve had something like this once or twice before and it’s usually very minimalist; often not much more than broth, potstickers and perhaps some chopped green onion. I wanted to make it a little more substantial without wrecking the simplicity that lets every ingredient speak. Add some egg rolls and… Mike 02/01/11 1 06/22/11
Forage through the fridge soup Originally I was going to make a Carribean inspired soup that my dear friend Krista had shared with me, but I was missing several key ingredients so I took a tour through my fridge and pantry and came up with this.  The measurements aren’t particularly exact.  If anything, they probably… Mike 01/11/11 0
Moroccan style chicken I cut this recipe out of a newspaper ages ago and keep making it because it’s tasty and throws together easily with stuff i usually have sitting in the freezer and pantry.  I sub in dried fruits like cherries and cranberries because I loathe raisins and have made it vegetarian… Mike 12/28/10 0
Spicy sweet potatoes When I was a kid, we never ate sweet potatoes. It was another one of those foods that my Irish-German, Pennsylvania-born Mom considered ‘foreign,’ and therefore not worthy of cooking, along with things like lasagna, pizza and sauerkraut.  Essentially, anything that had spices, did not have hamburger as an ingredient… Mike 12/17/10 0
Trail mix cookies I found this recipe when searching for something totally other and thought “whoah! this is like congealed trail mix!” Mike 12/16/10 0
Black bean patties These have a little bit of kick from the hot sauce, though if I were making these for myself I’d add more.  Pretty good for breakfast, too. Ingredients 1/4 cup finely ground yellow cornmeal 2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 large egg 1/2… Mike 11/24/10 0
Bacon wrapped chicken bundles This originally came from an episode of Lidia’s Italy on PBS. If you don’t watch her, she’s awesome.  She owns and operates several (apparently very good) Italian restaurants, but she’s very much a kitchen cook.  Anyway, this is my approximation of what I saw since I only scribbled down the… Mike 11/12/10 1 11/12/10
Curried chicken casserole Curried chicken casserole This is pretty tasty as well as an awesome way to use up leftovers from a chicken or turkey dinner since you can also substitute leftover veggies like corn or green beans.  A rotisserie chicken works too, and it’s especially nice if you can catch one marked… Mike 10/15/10 2 10/15/10
Guinness beef stew I got this from my friend Krista.  Even with the amount of ingredients, it throws together in almost no time (even less if you do some of the veggie prep while the meat is browning) and smells great when it’s bubbling away.  As an added attraction, how many dishes do… Mike 10/08/10 0
Tarragon Chicken Burgers As a rule I’m not a big fan of ground chicken or turkey. Unless it’s used as an ingredient in a more complex dish, the flavor factor ranks right down there with plain-jane tofu.  I also have an ever-growing problem with ground meat in general. The salmonella outbreaks from those… Mike 09/20/10 2 09/21/10
Vegetarian lasagna So yeah.  Another vegetarian lasagna.  This time made with farm-fresh ingredients.  Literally, as the eggs and zucchini came from my sister Evil’s farm. Happily, I wasn’t required to harvest the eggs myself since I’m still recovering from the emotional and physical scars incurred during The W>eek of the Rooster Mike 08/03/10 4 09/01/10
Chicken in a Pepper Chicken in a pepper So peppers were a buck apiece last week and chicken thighs were on sale too. Regular stuffed peppers aren’t high on my list of things to eat, but these were pretty darn tasty.  They looked pretty too. Ingredients 4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs 1/4 cup olive… Mike 07/22/10 0
Marinated catfish samich with Rooster Mayo & pickled onions I very rarely watch cooking shows where it’s a contest. Due to time, ego and ingredient restraints, you can get some really jacked-up recipes.  The inspiration for this came from Top Chef.  It sounded damn tasty and what’s more, was surprisingly easy to modify into something that could actually be… Mike 07/05/10 0
Three Cheese Broccoli Lasagna This is another one of my Meatless Monday experiments that turned out to be tasty and easy to make. Relatively healthy too, after making some substitutions for some of the original full-fat ingredients.  Also, it’s essentially a half-sized recipe; meaning that (if you’re like me and not feeding a small… Mike 06/29/10 2 06/29/10
Chipotle Lime Chicken & Carribean Rice This is a great tasting and super easy to prepare combo with mostly stuff you probably have in the pantry. You may be tempted to use boneless chicken, but if you do, you’ll wind up with shredded chicken once you take it out of the crock.  Which actually doesn’t sound… Mike 06/17/10 1 06/20/10
Buffalo sloppy joes I’ve been trying to find a something to replace a lost sloppy joe recipe I originally ganked from a cookbook of diner recipes and subsequently lost during a move. This doesn’t come close, but even though I loathe Rachael Ray and would rather have a badger in a sack put… Mike 06/09/10 2 06/10/10
Double chocolate brownie cupcake with peanut butter frosting Not so much a cupcake as a super-rich brownie masquerading as a cupcake topped with peanut butter frosting. My guinea pigs taste testers comments ranged from “My GAWD this is so rich I can barely eat the whole thing,” to “Why the hell didn’t you bring some milk with you?”… Mike 06/07/10 2 06/07/10
Chickpea and hominy stew So I’ve been dabbling with the whole Meatless Monday thing lately.  I’ve been noshing on salads and burritos because to me the idea of pigging out (pun fully intended) on factory-produced Boca or Morningstar Farms seems to defeat at least part of the spirit of the whole thing. Also it… Mike 05/11/10 2 05/11/10
Parmesan crusted Tilapia This would actually work a bit better with a flatter fillet such as Sole, Perch or even Catfish, but Tilapia is cheap, the fillets are perfectly sized portions and they thaw really fast for a quick meal. Ingredients: 2 Tilapia fillets (about 1/4 lb each) 1 egg white 1/3 cup… Mike 04/28/10 0
Slow Cooker Turkey BBQ This turned out better than I expected, both as a pulled sandwich and sliced. If you have a large crockpot use a whole turkey breast cut along the keelbone.  If you’ve only got a 3.5 qt crock like me?  Your best bet will be to de-bone them or use breast… Mike 04/12/10 2 12/17/11
Yogurt parmesan chicken This smells really great when it’s baking and tastes great, even if it doesn’t look lime much. The yogurt is an awesome blank slate for whatever you want to flavor it with (Balsamic vinegar or mixed citrus juices and zests instead of the Worchestershire sauce maybe?) and helps keep the… Mike 04/03/10 0
Stuffed Tilapia I’ve seen various things labeled as ‘Salmon Roasts’ whilst wandering through my local Grocery Ranch™ locations and they look damn tasty, but not so tasty that I’m willing to spend fourteen bucks a pound. I figured that i could make something close to it that was cheaper, tastier and more… Mike 03/11/10 8 03/11/10
Sausage & Bell Pepper Chili This is my go-to chili.  Prep time is minimal, it doesn’t have too many ingredients (and it’s very forgiving of adding others), it cooks up fast and it’s pretty darn tasty. Back in the day there was a recipe that I used for it but after deleting and substituting ingredients… Mike 02/18/10 2 02/18/10
Sausage & Spinach pie I was looking through the kitchen to figure out what to eat last night and it was pretty grim. A few staples, a humiliatingly complete collection of condiments, some sausage that I got on sale, tortillas and some ready-made pie crusts leftover from Thanksgiving. The pie crusts reminded me of… Mike 02/11/10 2 02/11/10
Pork & Chile Casserole Given the sorry state of my bank account as it waits for a badly needed infusion of tax refund, I’ve started to dust off recipes that are let us say… not too expensive to make and that will reheat well . This means casseroles and crock pot dishes which are… Mike 01/28/10 0
Turkey tonnato So I saw this in one of Giada’s cookbooks and immediately thought, “Ewww.  Gross,” when I read what the word ‘tonnato’ meant. Roast turkey breast with Tuna sauce?  As one of my friends said after reading the ingredients “Sounds like cat vomit.” Gut it’s Giada and I’d probably eat dog… Mike 01/20/10 0
Chilly day chili So now that arctic temperatures have arrived it’s definitely chili weather.  This is based on a recipe that I found in a back issue of Eating Well or Cooking Light or something like that.  It’s rich, but not too spicy.  Also, if you reduce the liquid a bit more, it’d… Mike 01/09/10 1 01/09/10
My new kitchen boyfriend The Aroma brand Electric Water Kettle. When I used to see these things on British television shows like “as Time Goes By,” and “At Home With The Braithwaites” I would think “Poncey Gits… Why cant you just boil it on the stove or in the microwave like normal people.” Then… Mike 01/06/10 0
Chili Sauce Chicken This was originally a recipe for the grill but, well, it’s too damn cold out to grill so I adapted it for the oven. It actually turned out to be more sweet than spicy, but it was still pretty good. Next time I may add some cayenne pepper or chili… Mike 01/05/10 1 01/05/10
Lentil and ham soup I got tired of eating leftover christmas ham and didn’t really want to go the high fat ham salad route, so I raided the pantry and came up with this.  It’s healthy--low fat and high protein, but it tastes better than most healthy food. Lentils cook scary fast so you… Mike 12/31/09 1 01/05/10
Kinda Oriental Chicken Having experienced the piss-poor driving habits of the Bubbastan-area natives after last week’s tiny snowfall, I opted to stay home after getting off of work at 6:00 am.  The only pizza delivery place in town is both overpriced and unparalleled in it’s its general suckitude and nastiness of taste so… Mike 12/20/09 4 12/30/09
Chops n Potatoes Recipe Twofer My regular days off are Tuesday and Wednesday and are pretty much the only days I’m motivated to cook unless there’s a good reason.  Of course in my mind, ‘good reason’ can encompass anything from ‘holiday goodies to be neighborly,’ to ‘what can I do with these leftover… Mike 12/17/09 3 12/18/09
Blond chili The arctic winds, snow and cold on Wednesday night made it seem like a good night to cook up a big ole pot o chili and cornbread. I wasn’t in the mood for standard red chili so I decided to modify a regular chili recipe to make a white chili… Mike 12/11/09 2 12/11/09
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