A little bit about us

This blog was started because I wanted my own little online recipe box; just a place where I could store my recipes. A couple of my friends asked if they could post some of their recipes here and over time this blog has collected quite a few recipes...and I've collected quite a few friends. This blog was on the net for 6 years under the URL http://kitchenfun.net. I always thought that was the most stupid blog name/URL ever. Finally, six years later, I bought a new domain name I like way better.

This blog sat mostly neglected for several years. I have a personal blog that got most of the attention, dontchaknow. Oh, I thought about it from time to time. I was sad I was such a recipe blogging failure because I really do like this blog. It was saved by my friend Mike who never stopped adding his recipes even though he posts them on his personal blog as well. He gave me the kick in the ass I needed to post to it again.

At this point in time, I consider this a collaborative effort between Mike and me. We both love food and we both love to cook. I love to bake as well. Mike? Not so much. We're not snobs. You won't find much frou-frou, haute cuisine here. I'm more of a comfort food kind of person who loves to bake. Mike cooks "freehand." He likes to experiment and doesn't often follow recipes. Oh and he has THE BEST china. No matter what the food, he always plates it up just beautifully...including the odd little canned octopi. Don't ask. We don't talk about such things in polite company.

Back in 2007 I moved this blog from the Movable Type platform to Expression Engine. That little endeavour resulted in the loss of my author database table and my name became the default author of all the recipes from the first post up until that day. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to fix that issue easily. Anything that was posted after that has the correct author associated with it. There is a list of the people who have made contributions here on the sidebar. If you don't see their name on any recipe it's probably because of that database issue.

Fun food fact about Donna: I hate chocolate chips. Hate them. I rarely use them and if they are in food someone else gives me, I will isolate them and spit them out. Blechy yucky poo. I don't like walnuts either. So yeah, chocolate chip cookies? No thanks. ~shudder~ I think I learned to cook by eating. My mother taught me how to make a roux and as far as I'm concerned, that's the only cooking skill one really needs, but then I believe gravy should have it's very own food group. I love to bake and I think I'm a better baker than cook.

Fun food fact about Mike: My mom never learned to cook and hated to do so. As a result, my sibs and I grew up on boiled meats, burnt fish sticks and way too many tuna casseroles. We joke amongst ourselves that we all taught ourselves to cook as a defensive measure. Other than that? Well, I'll try almost anything once (haggis or squid jerky anyone?). That being said, it wasn't until Sophomore year of college that I'd ever eaten an egg that wasn't a part of something like pancakes or french toast. Go figure, eh?

We hope you use some of our recipes and enjoy our culinary efforts. Thanks for dropping by.

PS: Would you like to post your own recipes here? Firstly, request membership via the links on the sidebar and secondly, drop me an email letting me know you'd like to be an author and I'll be happy to set you up.

Donna & Mike

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