I got a bunch of Cafe Escapes k-ups free of charge from Bzzagent which is a consumer marketing and product testing website.

My package arrived while my stepdaughter and daughter-in-law were visiting so we all choose a different flavour to try.  I decided on Chai, my stepdaughter chose vanilla and my daughter-in-law chose milk chocolate hot chocolate.  I gotta say the chai tastes absolutely nothing like chai and has a horrible aftertaste.  I really hated it and the girls didn’t like it either.  The vanilla wasn’t bad and my stepdaughter really liked it.  Our overall favourite was the milk chocolate hot chocolate but it had no body whatsoever.  It was very watery so we opted to add some half & half and whipped cream. but even that one had the same aftertaste. 

Cafe Escapes chooses to use both sugar and sucralose in it’s k-cups.  I have no idea why you would need two different sweeteners and why they would opt to use that nasty sucralose which just tastes horrible in everything that contains it.

Overall, they’re convenient for sure but they’re really not good enough to pay at minimum 60 cents per cup.  I can’t recommend these at all. 

Posted by Donna on Friday, February 08, 2013 at 03:58 PM
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