I know, I know.It doesn’t sound like the most appetizing of recipes, not is it very healthy, but it’s surprisingly good and easy to prepare,assuming you can find canned corned beef in your local Foodomat.  I’ve been looking for it for the better part of a year and finally found them in a Meijer store at 2:00 am.  Anyway, I first had these tasty morsels whilst visiting my friend Newt in St Paul last year at about this time. Her Mom, Bea made them when she (Newt) was a kid.I wasn’t sure about them either but after her hubby, Michael cooked them for dinner, I was hooked.  It’s also pretty much a blank slate that can be jacked around with if you wish to change the flavor.



1 can corned beef (NOT corned beef hash!)
chopped fresh onion (1/4 to Ā½ an onion)
6 Tbs tomato sauce
3 Tbs mayo
Soft taco sized corn tortillas (I used the ones that come in a bag of like 90)
Shredded lettuce
Grated cheese
Chopped fresh tomato


taco meat

Mix corned beef, onion, tomato sauce, and mayo until well blended and creamy. I wound up using a potato masher.  Yes, I know.  At this point you’re probably thinking that whatever is in the dog’s bowl looks better. Bear with me. It gets better.

Heat oil in a skillet.

Fill center of tortilla with corned beef mixture and lay flat in skillet so that it gets wet from the oil than fold gently in half.  Fry both sides till lightly golden brown.

Remove from skillet and place on paper towel to drain/absorb excess oil. 
Immediately sprinkle cheese inside taco so that it will melt

Add lettuce and tomato when ready to eat.
Makes 12-16 tacos.


Because the tortillas have a tendency to split whilst being fried, Michael steams them for a bit before putting in the pan.  I nuked mine for about 30 seconds wrapped in damp paper towels and they did just spiffy.

I was able to cook 3 at a time by staggering when I put them in the skillet.

I put the cheese directly on top of the filling and let it cook/melt whilst frying rather than add it later.

After eating them, enchilada sauce seems like it would be a nice substitute for the tomato sauce.

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