We at Nergens are happy to announce the addition of Bart to the kitchen staff here. Bart has bravely stepped up to attempt to fill the void created by the untimely demise of the late, lamented Mr Choppy, a long-time staff member who’s service had almost made him a member of the family. 


While there are sure to be some rough spots as we adjust to each other, we’re sure that Bart will bring a valuable new perspective to the kitchen.  We’re quite sure that he will be every bit as reliable as the late Mr. Choppy and not like my erstwhile kitchen staff, Svetlana and Minka, who picked the locks on their manacles in the Basement of Eternal Peril Staff Quarters and escaped ran off with Carstairs Wafflebottom, the malcontent former estate Groundskeeper.  And after all I did for them! Sponsoring their passage from one of those eastern European countries with too many letters in it’s name… giving them room and board… hose privileges… I mean, sure.  The Servant’s Quarters weren’t always exactly dry but there was never more than 14 inches of standing water at a time but none of the other landowners in Bubbastan allow unlimited hose access. And where are they now?  Pole dancing in a converted double-wide at the Upper Bubbastan Mobile Manor and teaching the art of back hair braiding; a custom from their native land.

But I digress. We here at Nergens are sure that Bart will fit right in (though not under the cabinet, obviously) and become as valued a family member as Mr Choppy himself was.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 08:41 PM
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